February 1, 2018

February Film Festival

Every Thursday in February bring a can of food for the Food Bank and enjoy presentations filmed in the Treasure State. See individual ads that follow for show times, ratings, and run times.

February 1; Thursday Film—Amazing Grace and Chuck. 3:00pm matinee and 7:00pm for the evening show. Mike Newell directs a stellar cast in this quirky story of a boy who believed he could make a difference. Chuck is a star on his little league team, but then decides to make a stand and quit playing baseball until nuclear weapon disarmament is achieved. He angers some and inspires others (including Boston Celtic Amazing Grace Smith, played by NBA star Alex English). This unusual and heartwarming tale asks: can one kid make a difference? If he gets the attention of the President (Gregory Peck), enough big name celebrities, and reporters, he just might...Also stars Jamie Lee Curtis, William Petersen, and features Red Auerback. Rated PG. Runtime is 1 hour, 54 minutes.

February 8, Thursday Film - Holy Matrimony
3:00pm matinee and 7:00pm for the evening show.
The beautiful Patricia Arquette (of True Romance) is Havana, a sassy, streetwise thief with big plans to recover the small fortune hidden by her devious boyfriend. But try as she might, her elaborate schemes are foiled time and again by his squeaky-clean 12-year-old kid brother. With nonstop laughs and one riotous situation after another, it’s an outrageous battle of wills that will entertain everyone. Rated PG-13. Runtime is 1 hour, 33 minutes.

February 15; Thursday Film—3:00pm matinee and 6:00pm for the evening show. Title: The Horse Whisperer. After her fourteen year old daughter suffers a serious horse riding accident, a high-powered magazine editor goes to Montana to bring a horse to the legendary “horse whisperer,” a person with a unique gift of being able to cure troubled horses. Romance blossoms between the sophisticated mother and the gentle horseman, leading to wonderful and tragic consequences. Rated PG-13. Runtime is 2 hours, 50 minutes.

February 22; Thursday Film—3:00pm matinee and 7:00pm for the evening show. Title: A River Runs Through It. The true story about two boys growing up in rural Montana while rebelling against their stern minister father. Eldest brother Norman eventually leaves home and becomes a disciplined, grounded professor, while younger brother Paul becomes a rebellious journalist and descends into gambling and liquor. Their mornings are spent in school and religious study, while their afternoons are devoted to fly fishing for trout in the Blackfoot River. Rated PG. Runtime is 2 hours 4 minutes.