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Our Partners

Please join us in thanking our major sponsors, to include $1500 and more in direct annual financial support, or $5,000 and more of annual in-kind support:

Corporate, Business and Funding Partner Contributors:
D.A. Davidson
First Interstate Bank
Roland and Helen La Pee Family Trust
Portage Route Chapter
Stockman Bank

In-Kind Support:
ABC FOX Montana
Cherry Creek Radio


Lewis and Clark Honor Guard

The Lewis and Clark Honor Guard is an independent not-for-profit organization that promotes the local history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition through living history interpretation and demonstrations to the public.The Honor Guard gives presentations at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center, and to school groups and community organizations, where they demonstrate the clothes, equipment and skills of the Corps of Discovery. Members also participate in festivals, parades, and special events statewide, fostering a spirit of patriotism through flag presentations for conferences, workshops and conventions. The Honor Guard instills a sense of pride in the accomplishments of the Corps of Discovery, who in 1805 conducted a grueling portage of the Great Falls of the Missouri, and during their expedition, contributed immensely to the scientific knowledge of the United States.

National Park Service

The Lewis & Clark Foundation has received funding from the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, a division of the National Park Service,  for various projects –  most notably the program, “Explore the Outdoors – Your Life Depends on It” program, also called Field Investigations.  For more Information, please see the Field Investigations page.

Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation
The Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation is a national organization with approximately 1000 members from all across the country and abroad, in more than 20 Chapters. The Foundation is an outgrowth of a 1960s presidential commission to assess whether the accomplishments of the Corps of Discovery warranted establishment of a National Historic Trail.  Their conclusion was to recommend a congressional designation for the trail. In 1969, the Commission also concluded that their work would best be continued through the hands of a private organization. The Foundation’s purpose is “to stimulate national public interest in matters relating to the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the contributions to American history made by the Expedition members and events of time and place concerning and following the Expedition which are historically important to our nation.” The Foundation publishes a quarterly magazine, We Proceeded On, referred to as WPO. The organization has a board of directors from across the U.S., with national headquarters and archival library located in Great Falls, Montana.

Portage Route Chapter
The Portage Route Chapter (PRC) is one of the oldest local chapters affiliated with the national Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation. The PRC is headquartered in Great Falls and has a membership of approximately 100 - 125. The PRC’s objectives are to educate the public and its members about the Expedition and its accomplishments. The PRC prides itself on presenting historically accurate programs in cooperation with the Interpretive Center, and offering field trips to sites along the Lewis and Clark Trail. In June 2000, the PRC sponsored the first “Scholar in Residence” at the Interpretive Center with funds provided by the National Park Service and the Montana Committee for the Humanities. The PRC publishes a quarterly newsletter, the Portage Chronicles, and is an all-volunteer organization.

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